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Available to purchase or hire

Solar powered standalone CCTV trailer

This standalone trailer will not require any additional power or wiring, designed to recharge the batteries in use from the high capacity solar panel.


Built on a 500kg Caddy trailer, manual crank-up telescopic , about 2m retracted, 4m extended.


CCTV system:


4 HD cameras providing 360 degree view, Hikvision recorder with live view . 24 hour recording, upon movement detection the remote surveillance center notified (and pictures / videos uploaded).


Electrical setup:


The system was designed and overspecified by more than 150% to provide enough power during winter months too.


  • 400W solar panel and charger with display.
  • Renogy charge controller with remote monitoring of battery status
  • 100AH LiFePO4 Lithium battery to supply electronics only




  • Rain / dust covers (for transportation and storage)
  • Heavy duty wheel-lock

Live view demo is available – please contact us below


Trailer comes with full 12 months warranty on the mounted CCTV and electrical products – please note there is no warranty on the trailer or mast itself. Full documentation will be supplied with 3 months after care support. Full training will also be provided.

For sale – Events, construction sites and remote areas where mains power is not available