Conversions - CCTV Vehicles
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From Basic Surveillance to Complete High-Spec Security Units

The CCTV units we supply and fit are designed to be surveillance-on-the-go. Weather and shock-proof, tested technology for the mobile environment to provide continous recording and rapid deployment.


We understand application requirements and budgets vary, we have a solution for all. Please browse through below for setup options and get in touch with us for further information and a quote.


All PTZ cameras weather and shock-proof designed for mobile applications; 12V standard with RS485, ONVIF/HikVision 4MP full IP Network Speed Domes
33x Optical Zoom
IR Night Vision up to 150m
Xenon Light up to 200m
Zoom Laser Light up to 400m
Defogging, wiper and preset functions


Pneumatic telescopic masts, extendable up to 1-6.3m
Mountable with IP PTZ / Thermal / ANPR
Wind and weather resistant
Automatic start up, with or without LED spotlight 12V
Integrated design available, save space opposed to in-van mast configuration


Network Video Recorders (NVR) designed for mobile applications; ONVIF/HikVision up to 8MP , ruggedised and shock-proof mobile recorders;
GPS marking and 4G connectivity
IP67-68 perimeter IP cameras 4MP HD with IR Night Vision
Custom configuration iVMS-4200, Milestone platform


Thermal imaging cameras
ANPR cameras
Radar equipment 60-360
Mobile ruggedised router 4G
Wi-Fi Extenders Outdoor

Let Us Build Your CCTV Unit

Our engineers can convert your vehicle into a mobile surveillance CCTV Unit of any specification. We will liaise and work together with you either to your own specifications or can advise you the best options available to your budget.

Whether it’s a 4×4, any wheel base vans or even a small electric vehicle, we have a solution!

Solar Panels


Optional Solar Panels to keep your batteries charged and “floating”, maximising life-time and operational hours.


Radio, GPS, Beacons and PA Systems


Roof mounted aerials for Radio and GPS. Roof / grille mounted beacon and flashing lights, prosimity sensors or movement sensors. Panic button relays, PA loudspeaker systems.


Insulation, displays and workstations


Insulated interior, workstation setup with PTZ controllers for 1-2+ operators, display monitors, matrix. Welfare and health and safety packages.



DC Split Charger, Night Heater


Controlled charger solutions whether it’s from the vehicle’s alternator, solar panels, electrical hook-up point  or combined all. Night heater and air-conditioning, LED interior lights, ventilation and fire safety.




Deep Cycle Leisure Battery or Batteries depending on typical usage. For reference, a 220AH battery would keep most systems operational for 4-5 hours.

Estimate the cost of your new CCTV Vehicle conversion