Hire - CCTV Vehicles
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All of our CCTV units are available to hire with a driver/ operator with current valid SIA Level 2 CCTV (PSS) National Certification and license allowing to operate the CCTV Unit in Public.

Mobile Surveillance Vehicle tested and ready to work.


The deterrent effect of CCTV/video surveillance is indisputable and this Mobile CCTV Vehicle can be deployed to any location throughout the UK.


Many potential offenders are discouraged by a clearly visible video system, so illegal activities can often be prevented before they are even committed.


The vehicle is fully equipped with fixed and PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras, Control Room, Video Recording Equipment and GPS Position Marking



  •    Event/ Incident Control Room
  •    Crime and ASB hot spots
  •    Sporting/public events
  •    Short term site security
  •    Traveller encampment monitoring
  •    Squatter/Traveller eviction monitoring
  •    Protest and demonstration monitoring
  •    Evidence gathering
  •    Fly-tipping monitoring
  •    On site CCTV training